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Thesis and graduation exam

Since the student completes all the activities included in its study plan (exams, internship), it is ammitted to the graduation exam, i.e. the thesis defence. The graduation exam will be evaluated by a dedicated commision, of at least seven members, in a public session.

The thesis should present the obtained data within their general scientific context, in form of scientific/technical report. The theisis must be draw up in English, introducing an original scientific work and in detail: a) it shall introduce the general framework of the scientific work, referring to the parent literature; b) it shall give a short essay of the research outcomes. A list of the available thesis topics is available at the dedicated webpage.

The thesis has to be prepared under the tutoring of a professor/researcher of the University, whose specialization must be related to the scientific contents of the Master. In order to apply to the graduation exam, the the Internship Laboratory (CHI0028 16 CFU) must be registered (as for the other exams) by the thesis tutor. Such registartion (which is not subject to assesment, but just to approvation) has to be anticipately comunicated to the Didactic Manager.

The defence exam will consist of a 20 min presentation on the thesis, followed by 10 min of questioning from the commision.


 Beginning of thesis activity communications

Before to start their thesis work, students must communicate it to the Didactic Manger through the appropriate form.

Furthermore the safety module must be compiled and presented to the Chemistry Department secretary (Via P. Giuria, 7 – ground floor) before to start any practical activity in laboratories.

In the case the student will attend its thesis period on an external structure, this module must be compiled and presented to the Job Placement office (Via Michelangelo 32).


Graduation sessions and committees

The scheduling and the evaluation committees for the final examination (i.e. thesis defence) can be found in the dedicated page.


 Graduation application: on-line procedure

All the studens must apply to the graduation exam in due time (see the previous section for the exact deadlines for each graduation session). The on-line procedure can be found at the following link

 On-line thesis delivery

The thesis must be uploaded by the dedicated on-line procedure not later than 10 days before the graduation date. After this deadline, the uploaded document is no more modifiable.


 Thesis hard copies and Thesis abstract delivery

Within a week from the graduation exam, the students must provide:

  •  4 hard copies of the thesis to: the tutor, the opposer and the two commissioners.



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