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Coronavirus: aggiornamenti per la comunità universitaria / Coronavirus: updates for UniTo Community

Exams sessions

The time window of each year during which the exams take place  are indicated at the page of the academic calendar.

The available sessions are listed on the "bacheca appelli".

To register at an exam: connect to the Unito portal and access to MyUnito with your username and password. After the access, select from the menu the section "Exams" and then "Available Exams Sessions".

Important warning: Before to register to an exam check that 

  1. you have successfully completed the enrollment and the payment of the tuition fees
  2. your study plan is confirmed and "APPROVED"
  3. you have filled the online questionnaire for the didactics evaluation (EduMeter)

Remember to come to all the exams (oral and written) with a valid ID document.

All the information about how to register to an exam can be found at this step-by-step guide.

For any other doubts, visit the section FAQ - Exams.

Exam session:


Oral and written exams be held in face-to-face mode,  complying with the requirements to access university facilities.

You can request to take the exam online alone if you are in one of the following conditions:

1) frailty

2)residence outside region

3)impossibilità ad accedere alle strutture universitarie per motivi sanitari.

To apply for the on-line exam, it is necessary at the time of registration to the appeal insert in the "Notes" field of the appeal, be in one of the three cases that allow remote examination.

The University may request documentation attesting to the self-certification.
In the case of a false declaration, the candidate may be deleted from the appeal.


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