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Coronavirus: aggiornamenti per la comunità universitaria / Coronavirus: updates for UniTo Community

Didactic during COVID period : Academic year 2020/21


The new Rector's decree “Co.Re.Co. of 15-04-2021”, plans to allow all teaching activities in the presence, in compliance with the rules of distancing and sanitation adopted up to now.

Considering that the Department of Chemistry has always kept the experiential activities in presence thanks to a rigorous organization and a considerable availability of colleagues, it is suggested to:

1) keep frontal teaching activities online, also in consideration of the limited time interval that separates us from the end of the second period and the further organizational change with negative implications on teaching effectiveness.

2) keep the experiential activities in presence, as planned. Moreover, It is possible to activate face-to-face meetings with students regarding specific exercises or verification of preparation.

3) at the discretion of the teachers, face-to-face examination sessions are allowed to minimize the side effects of online management of the examination tests, which are particularly critical for large sessions Please note that the face-to-face mode necessarily implies the activation of the same online session for students with frailty or in a critical mobility situation.

4) discussion of the final graduation exam in presence is made possible, maintaining strict control over access by family members/acquaintances. In this regard, the suggestion is to wait for the evolution of the pandemic data at least for the entire month of May, before making an alternative choice to the current online mode.

5) please note that access to the Department continues to be regulated through the weekly excel file in order to guarantee 50% occupancy of the entire structure. This is particularly important in view of increased student circulation in departmental spaces.

6) The dissertation process remains subject to the same rules adopted up to now.


For more information you can visit the Unito webpage.

Last update: 19/04/2021 10:44
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