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Graduate students in Materials Science can either continue their studies in academy (masters or PhD) or look for a job. According to the recent survey of ALMALAUREA in 2019, after 1 year from graduation, 37.5% of the students are employed in a private company. A third of them found a permemant position, another 33% a non-permement one while the left 33% begun an internhsip. 67% of these positions concern metallurgy or chemistry/energy.

The left 62.5% of the students (labelled umployed) continue the academic studies. 50% of them are following PhDs courses, 12,5% decide to do another master and 37.5% is still looking for a job. This number decrases of nearly one half after 3 years from the graduation.

graphical rapresentation of data about alumni careers

The Course trains to the professions (ISTAT code)

  • Chemists and assimilated professions - ( 
  • Chemist and oil engineers  - ( 
  • Materials Engineer - ( 
  • Researchers and Technicians graduated in chemical and pharmaceutical sciences - ( 

Occupazione dei Laureati Magistrali In Scienza dei Materiali 
Condizione Occupazione dei Laureati ad 1 anno dalla Laurea (Indagine AlmaLaurea 2021)
Condizione Occupazione dei Laureati a 3 anni dalla Laurea (Indagine AlmaLaurea 2021) 

Alumni placement

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