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In case that the student wants to do a stage over the one already provided for the laboratory of the thesis (the thesis activity is not considered in the stage), he will need to present  a request to the commission "students procedure" before that to insert the stage in the study plan between the free-choice courses.

In order to activate a stage the students has to follow the procedure below described, which needs to :

  1. be approved by an academic tutor
  2. be developed by an external organization 

The stage activity will be considered additional to the academic activity.

The student has to find an academic tutor, an industry and a tutor in the as chosen industry.

Once all these elements have been found, the student has to contact the Office Job placement (in the bureau of Scienze Informa):


Office Job Placement - Time:Monday- Friday 10-12 / 14-16 Closed on wednesday afternoon

Via Michelangelo 32, 10126 Torino

Dott. Giovanni Cagna Tel.: +39 011 670.6216 - Fax: +39 011 670.6217 - E-mail:

Dott.ssa Francesca Garzaro - Tel.: +39 011 670.6218 - E-mail:

Dott.ssa Daniela Scalise - Tel.: +39 011 670.6215 - E-mail:

to arrange all the documents to start the stage and the activation of the insurrance coverage inside of the industry. We advice the students to contact the Office Job Placement in advance respect to the starting date in order to allow the execution of all the connected paperwork.

Any kind of industry can be a potential place for an internship.

During the internship the student will have to fill every day the stage's diary, and at the end, the questionnaire for the stage evaluation. Both the forms will be given back to the Job Placement together with :

  • the questionnaire about the appreciation of the industruy 
  • the questionnaire for the evaluation of the acdmeic tutor 

According to the request of the acdemic tutor, the students might have to produce a written report regarding the developped activity.

 All the necessary documents are availabke directly on the Job Placement website.

Comunication : with the aim of monitoring the trend and efficacy of the stage in order to improve their quality, the trainee will have to answer to an online questionnaire regading the final evaluation. To fill this questionnaire :

  1. access on
  2. in the section Job Placement, click on "Evaluate your stage"

The as filled questionnaires will be set aside in a database which allows the data elaboration from the operators of the Job PLacement.

In case of external thesis, to have an insurrance coverage, it is necessary to follow the new procedure published on the dedicated website of the Job Placement of Scuola di Scienze della Natura.

The certification of the successfull development of the stage is fullfilled by the academic supervisor, after having referred to the industrial tutor. The stage has to be registered online as all the exams. Its development bring to a mark, but to an evaluation approved/non-approved.

Moreover, regarding the European Master MaMaSELF there are signed agreements to allow the students to develop Intenrship and stages (and potentially the Mastyer Thesis) with: 

  1. The 5 partner Universities of the Consortium (LMU or TUM in Munich,Université de Rennes-1, Université de Montpellier-2, Adam Mickiewicz University)
  2. The foreigner Universities (Japan, University of Kyoto;India, IIT Madras; USA, University of Wisconsin; Russia, South Federal University;Brasil, University of San Paolo) as they are "associated partners"
  3. The international research centers (ILL and ESRF Grenoble, France; Paul Scherrer Institute, Villingen Swiss; FRM II Munich, Germany; LLB Saclay, France; DESY Hamburg, Germany; ELETTRA Trieste, Italy) as they are also "associated partners". These agreements are applied also to the students who are not part of the European Master, with the only difference that these travels are not covered by a scholarship. If an european destination is chosen, normal Erasmus scholarships are available

More information about the "associated partners" of Mamaself are available in the following website : 


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