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Tutoring and buddy


Buddy project – Do you need suppor-TO?

This program is aimed at supporting Erasmus+ and incoming students on a peer-to-peer basis during their stay in Turin. Your buddies are UniTO students, who will help you going through university life and linguistic and cultural environment.
Contact for information and to get in touch with a buddy.

Passi@UniTo - Counseling for international students

Passi@UniTo is a pilot project of the University of Turin aiming at encouraging the presence and improving the integration process of international students enrolled at UniTO.

Tutoring and counseling

The tutoring scheme covers a wide range of activities designed to help make university life more effective and productive. The counseling service offers free assistance, provided by trained psychologists, to all students registered at the University who find themselves suffering from psychological disturbances.

The digital facilitator is a new position created this year from the University to deal with the problems of distance learning and more. The main tasks include:

  • Social and sites, improve the communication channels so that all students can be always update and easily find information about study programme;
  • Teaching material, collect any reports about problems linked with distance learning ( missing material, delay in publishing, etc…) and communicate with professors in order to solve the issues in the fastest way;
  • Co-working, encourage the virtual exchange of information as often happens during the University life inside and outside the department;
  • News, spreading the news promoted by the Department of Chemistry. You can reach me also to have more information about the study programme ( stage, thesis, study plan, etc).

For any questions, proposal or doubt you can:

The digital facilitator of Master’s Degree in Materials Science for the Academic Year 2020-2021 is Filippo Antonio Vernile

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