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Programme structure

The Master's degree in Materials Science aims to provide a firm grounding in the chemical, physical and technological behaviour of a vast range of materials with emphasis on modern advances in the field. Students are trained to understand the properties of materials in current use and encouraged to develop original ideas for creating new materials which satisfy the requirements of society and world markets (i.e. cheap, safe, recyclable and with minimum negative impact on the environment).

The course delivers advanced and integrated theoretical and practical training across the following interdisciplinary areas: chemistry and physics of solids, materials production, manufacturing and testing, with special attention to the characterization and modelling of material structures and properties. All lectures and examinations for the Master's degree are conducted in English.

Theoretical lectures and practical laboratories will be done in some section of the chemistry department. You can have a better look to their location here.

Programme scenario

Programme duration : 2 years (120 ECTS)
Formal validity of the degree: 
Major topics:
Teaching language: English


First year (64 ECTS)

Course ECTS
Advanced Mathematics and numerical analysis 8
Physics (Quantum Mechanics; Solid State Physics) 18
Polymeric Materials 8
Advanced Crystallography 6
Physical Chemistry 8
Analytical Chemistry for Material Science 4
Solid State Chemistry 6
Metallurgy 6
Lab activities (tot.) 8

Second year (12 ECTS)

Course ECTS
Organic Materials 6
Selection and use of materials 6
Lab activities (tot.) 8

Training activities over the two-year degree (44 ECTS)

Course ECTS
Optional 8
Internship 16
Final dissertation 20


The activity of orientation is carried out at different levels:

  • Local level (Atheneaum)
    A collective orienting is done for the students of the 2nd and 3rd year of Bachelor in "Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali" and for those similar (Chemistry, Chemical technology and Physics). During this activity the academic courses of the Master's degree in Material Science, the available thesis anf the work opportunities are presented.
    Locandina Incontro di orientamento in itinere per gli studenti della lauree triennali
  • International level
    As the Master's Degree is partner of an Erasmus Mundus Programme (MaMaSELF), it benefits of all the international advertisements opportunities provided by the European Union, by Ambassies and Consolates of Italy, France and Germany in  the World and in all the national Erasmus Mundus agencies -point of contact italy, CampusFrance and DAAD. This work of International orienting guaranteed in the last 4 years more than 400 applications to the European Master MaMaSELF, where 20 scholarships are provided every year.
  • Besides these, the project " Progetto Lauree Scientifiche" has been realized. It is dedicated to High school's students and it acts on 3 fronts:
    - it supports the knowledge of scientific disciplines and it offers to High school's students the opportunity to take part to stimulating and engaging activities  
    - offers to High school's teachers a professional growing path thanks to the joined work between School and University for the planning, realization, documentation and evaluation of the as activated laboratories
    - it supports the allignment of the educational path of the School to the one of the University and towards the world of work by enhancing and encouraging internships activities among Universities, Publich and Private Research Institutes, Industries active in the R&D.

Discover more about :  Orientation first steps and Erasmus and Exchange students.

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