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Thesis preparation and defense

The final examination requires writing an original dissertation to be presented and discussed in front of an ad-hoc Graduation Committee, composed by at least seven members of the staff.
The Thesis is elaborated by the student (under the supervision of a professor) on a topic agreed with the supervisor. The manuscript has to be written in english.

  • Poster "Available thesis topics":

 General information

  • External available thesis topics

              - 5 months stage (Masther Thesis) with potential further PhD position (Rennes, France) : Synthesis and crystallochemistry of materials for energy conversion : copper sulfides and oxy-sulfides for thermoelectricity. Supervisors : C. Prestino, P. Lemoine. More information.

Thesis defence
On the day of the final examination, the student illustrates and defends the thesis in front of the Graduation Committee. The Committee's questions are usually postponed to the end of the presentation. The time allocated to each candidate's presentation is 20 minutes.

Important Information About Intenship CHI0164 (old CHI0028) Your Thesis, Final Exam And Overall Evaluation Of Your Degree

Please note:
Registration of credits for the internship laboratory
Students are reminded that in order to graduate they must have their 15 credits  to be officially registered to the thesis discussion.
Credit registration must take place at least 1 month before the discussion of the thesis and it is the responsibility of the the candidate's thesis supervisor to request the curriculum manager to open the credit registration file. CHI0164 (old CHI0028) carries an approved/not approved evaluation.

It is only possible for these credits to be registered after the candidate has met with its supervisor and co-examiner. During the meeting the candidate explains the main findings of his/her research and shows that a draft plan for the thesis has been drawn up. The purpose of this meeting is to verify that the candidate has achieved sufficient mastery of the subject and is on the way towards completion of the master thesis.

Submission deadlines for your thesis manuscript and summary
Every student at the final year must submit the final version of hid/her thesis in electronic format to his/her supervisor and co-examiner within the deadline before the beginning of the graduation session. Your supervisor and co-examiner may also request a copy of the thesis in paper format.

One week before the date of the graduation session, a summary of the thesis (maximum 3 pages using 1-line spacing and font-size 11, according to the attached instructions) must be sent in electronic format to the didactic manager: Elisabetta Buzzoni

For all students intending to prepare their thesis abroad or in Turin:

  1. it is ESSENTIAL to have a UNITO supervisor (from the Department of Chemistry or Physics).
  2. It is necessary to fill out the thesis initiation form and have it signed by the supervisor. The form must be sent to the supervisor, the educational manager Dr. Elisabetta Buzzoni (, and the course director Professor Maria Cristina Paganini (
  3. Thesis carried out abroad independently without the involvement of a UNITO supervisor will NOT be considered.

Please read carefully the instructions for compiling and filing your online request to graduate.

Online application submission manual

1. Once you have filled in your request form, you will need to download the following documents and fill them in ready for uploading (see number 3 below):

  • Thesis Title Form: this must be signed by your thesis supervisor. If you wish the names of the external or assistant supervisors to appear on your degree certificates, they must also sign the Thesis title Form.
  • Degree Graduation Request Form: this must be signed by you, the candidate.
  • Receipt of proof of compilation of Alma Laurea questionnaire
  • Receipt of proof that you have uploaded your thesis on TesiOnLine according to the date deadline. Please read carefully the instructions for how to upload your thesis online.

2. Graduation Fee Payment

You must use PagoPa to pay your Graduation Fee. Payment must be made within the Graduation Request date deadline. You are not required to upload the receipt of payment with your other documents (see number 1 above) but you are strongly advised to keep your receipt of payment in a safe place in case of future checks.

3. After the two forms in 1 (above) have been signed, you will need to re-enter the system to upload all four documents. You will not receive a  separate receipt of proof that you have correctly uploaded your Degree Graduation request, but rest assured that you will be very promptly contacted by the Central Student Office if something is wrong.  


If you have already filed your online request to graduate but for some reason there is a change of plan, you must officially annul your request. This can be done:

  • by returning to the online site if the request deadline date has not expired

(ii)   by sending a completed request form (from help desk) to the Central Student Office if the request deadline date has  expired

Please remember, if you annul your request to graduate, the system will not automatically upload a new request and your documents for the next graduation session. You must make a new request for the next date and upload your documents  (see 1 above) again. Your Graduation Fee Payment remains valid if you have already paid and does not need to be repeated.

 Your Degree Graduation Parchment

Your Degree Graduation Parchment will be printed approximately four months after your graduation. To receive your parchment, you  by sending a completed request form (from help desk) to the Central Student Office to check your parchment is ready and then make an appointment via the online booking system for collection.


Academic year Thesis Defence Dates Online application and registration of any outstanding exams PDF Online submission
Summer Session
12/07/2024** From 20/05/2024 to 13/06/2024 4 p.m. By 02/07/2024 4 p.m.

2023-24 Autumn Session

25/10/2024 From 11/09/2024  to 24/09/2024 4 p.m. By 14/10/2024 4 p.m.
2023-24 Extraordinary Session 11/04/2025 From 03/02/2025 to 20/02/2025  4 p.m. By 21/3/2025 4 p.m.

** Students applying for the summer thesis defence session have some extra time for registering their exams. However any outstanding exams must be registered not later than ten days before the thesis defence date. This requirement is more stringent for students who have gone beyond the regular duration of the program ("Fuori corso"). In this case, in which case the last exam must be registered not later than the deadline for the thesis defence application.

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