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Thesis preparation and defense

The final examination requires writing an original dissertation to be presented and discussed in front of an ad-hoc Graduation Committee, composed by at least seven members of the staff.
The Thesis is elaborated by the student (under the supervision of a professor) on a topic agreed with the supervisor. The manuscript has to be written in english.

Thesis defence
On the day of the final examination, the student illustrates and defends the thesis in front of the Graduation Committee. The Committee's questions are usually postponed to the end of the presentation. The time allocated to each candidate's presentation is 20 minutes.

Final grade mark
The final graduation mark (in 110ths) will take into account both the student study career and the final discussion of the thesis. The starting value of the final graduation mark is obtained by summing the weighted average of the exams' evaluations (converted in 110ths).
The Graduation Committee can additionally assign a maximum of 7 points for the thesis. 0.2 for every exam obtained cum laude. If the student id regular (non off course) he/she will receive 1 extra point.

The final mark= weighted average + 7 (max for thesis) + 1 (regular students) + 0.2 (for every exam obtained cum laude)

Important Information About Intenship (CHI0028) Your Thesis, Final Exam And Overall Evaluation Of Your Degree

Please note:

Registration of credits for the internship laboratory
Students are reminded that in order to graduate they must have their 16 credits  to be officially registered to the thesis discussion.
Credit registration must take place at least 1 month before the discussion of the thesis and it is the responsibility of the the candidate's thesis supervisor to request the curriculum manager to open the credit registration file. CHI0028 carries an approved/not approved evaluation.

It is only possible for these credits to be registered after the candidate has met with its supervisor and co-examiner. During the meeting the candidate explains the main findings of his/her research and shows that a draft plan for the thesis has been drawn up. The purpose of this meeting is to verify that the candidate has achieved sufficient mastery of the subject and is on the way towards completion of the master thesis.

Submission deadlines for your thesis manuscript and summary
Every student at the final year must submit the final version of hid/her thesis in electronic format to his/her supervisor and co-examiner within the same deadline (10 calendar days) before the beginning of the graduation session. Your supervisor and co-examiner may also request a copy of the thesis in paper format.

One week before the date of the graduation session, a summary of the thesis (maximum 3 pages using 1-line spacing and font-size 11, according to the attached instructions) must be sent in electronic format to the didactic manager: Elisabetta Buzzoni

Marking criteria, the final exam
After receiving a feedback from the supervisor, co-examiner and commission members, the exam commission will award marks for the final exam  using a scale of  0-7. The breakdown of the final exam score will be as follows:

  1. Thesis supervisor's score: 0-2.5
  2. Co-examiner's score: 0-2.5
  3. Exam commission's score (excluding supervisor and co-examiner if they also form part of the commission): 0-2

Evaluation by the supervisor and co-examiner will be based on the candidate's written manuscript and oral presentation including the ensuing discussion.

Evaluation by the exam commission will be based on the thesis summary, the candidate's oral presentation and the ensuing discussion.

Overall evaluation of degree
The final overall mark for the degree will be given out of a maximum of 110 points, and will reflect the candidate's performance throughout the degree's two-year  programme of study. 

The following additional honors may be awarded to candidates with high scores.

  • 110 cum summa laude. This is possibile when the various degree modules and thesis discussion have been evaluated to produce a final grade equal to or greater than 112 points
  • 110 cum summa laude and special mention (“Menzione”) for candidates with scores of 109/110 (excluding the score for the final exam thesis) and provided there is unanimous agreement of the exam commission.
  • 110 cum laude and an official recommendation for the thesis to be published (Dignità di Stampa). Recommendation for the thesis to be published must be requested by the candidate’s supervisor and the commission must be in unanimous agreement that the thesis demonstrates scientific research of the highest standard.

              - 5 months stage (Masther Thesis) with potential further PhD position (Rennes, France) : Synthesis and crystallochemistry of materials for energy conversion : copper sulfides and oxy-sulfides for thermoelectricity. Supervisors : C. Prestino, P. Lemoine. More information.

(Section in development)

Step by step from the begin of the Master thesis to the graduation

Comunicate the beginning of the master thesis
All the students have to comunicate to the Didactic Manager (Elisabetta Buzzoni) the beginning of the Master thesis by filling the dedicated form.

In case that the thesis activity requires the presence of the student outside of the University (i.e. reaserch project developped in the R&D of and industry), the student is invited to follow the procedure on the website of the JobPlacement.

The practical work for the Masther Thesis development is evaluated as a 16 CFU Internship Laboratory CHI0028 (or 18 CFU MFN1271).
In order to graduate these CFU have to be registered on your transcipt record.
The registration is in charge of the Mather Thesis Supervisor. The registration has to be done at least one month before the Final Discussion. The Didactic Manager will open
an extraordinary session to allow the CFU registration. The Internship Laboratory will be evaluated simply as APPROVED/NON APPROVED.
IMPORTANT : The registration will occur only after a meeting between the candidate, the supervisor and the co-examiner.
During the meeting the candidate exposes to the co-examiner the main results and sketches a plan about how he/she is going to write the Masther Thesis.
The meeting aims to evaluate if the candidate reached a sufficient knowledge of the subject and he will then conclude the Masther Thesis.

Delivering the Masther Thesis
Online version : The Masther thesis has to be uploaded online following the dedicated procedure not later than 10 days before the beginning of the degree session.
After the deadline it will not be possible to edit the uploaded file.
Additional information are available on the website of the School "Scienze della Natura".

Paper version : The candidate has to deliver an electronic version of the Manuscript to the supervisor and the co-examiner before the deadline (10 days of calendar before the beginning of the degree session).
Supervisor and co-examiner are allowed to require also a paper version of the manuscript.
1 week before the degree session the candidate has to deliver a resume of the Masther Thesis (max 3 pages, line-spacing 1, character 11, following the TEMPLATE).
The candidate has to  send the resume by email to the Didactic Manager Dr. Elisabetta Buzzoni (

The Discussion day
The day of the Final Discussion, the graduating students have to bring a paper copy of the master thesis in the final version, printed, bounded and originally signed.
This copy will be given to the Masther Thesis supervisor.

How to submit the application
The student needs to log into her/his MyUnito account with the student credentials and follow the instructions to submit the application.
Read more about instructions for the submission
The payment of the Graduation Fees must be done by using a pagoPA form.

How to submit a pdf version of the thesis
An electronic copy (pdf file) of the thesis must be uploaded not later than 10 days before the final defence date. Step by step: instructions for the submission. Attach the receipt to the graduation application not later than 10 days before the final defence date in the attachments to the degree application.

Paper copies of the thesis

In addition, the student is required to make one paper copy of the thesis and to bring the day of the final defence. This has to be handed to the supervisor.

Withdrawal of thesis session application

Students who have already applied for the thesis session and do not intend to proceed for the moment, are obliged to submit a written waiver to the Student Service Office using one of the following method:

  • contacting the Help Desk
  • sending a fax to the number 011/6704693, including the waiver and a copy of the student's id card
  • contacting directly the Students Office.

Please note that students who have withrdrawn from a thesis session are not automatically enrolled into the next one. It is therefore  mandatory to apply again for the chosen session. Payment, however, is not due again.

Thesis Defence Dates Online application and registration of any outstanding exams PDF Online submission
10/06/2022* From 21/03/2022 to 31/03/2022 10 days before the thesis defence date
22/07/2022** From 30/05/2022 to 10/06/2022 ** 10 days before the thesis defence date



From 05/09/2022 to 23/09/2022 10 days before the thesis defence date
From 06/02/2023 to 24/02/2023 10 days before the thesis defence date

*Additional degree session- Information

** Students applying for the summer thesis defence session have some extra time for registering their exams. However any outstanding exams must be registered not later than ten days before the thesis defence date. This requirement is more stringent for students who have gone beyond the regular duration of the program ("Fuori corso"). In this case, in which case the last exam must be registered not later than the deadline for the thesis defence application.

Graduation Commission year 2022





Graduation Commission year 2021

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